At WEAVER & WILDE we design and create quality men’s accessories. All our products are woven by experienced weavers in the wilds of North West Donegal in Ireland. This location provides the perfect backdrop to weave and intertwine the finest and softest yarns in order to create timeless accessories made from 100% merino wool and cashmere.

While individual styles change and evolve over time, WEAVER & WILDE accessories add the little touch of timeless sophistication which can be the constant in your ever-changing look.

Our collections boast a diverse range of men’s scarves, each with unique and varying design. From pinstripes, reversible scarves and bold blocks to classic herringbones, each collection is created from the most luxurious, wholly sustainable, 100% Merino Lambswool and Cashmere. Our brand combines the tradition of weaving with contemporary colour palettes and designs to create sophisticated pieces.

Accessorise your individual style with WEAVER & WILDE and your scarf is sure to make that all important lasting impression. Browse our shop to discover which scarf is your perfect fit.